Interactive Programs

C-Ray Media produces groundbreaking, interactive Flash presentations that can be used for training, simulating multi-vessel activities in the oilfield and identifying scheduling conflicts. These presentations can include video or 3D animations to show greater detail. We can even build in unknown variables that would modify vessels’ schedules, such as weather events. The possibilities are endless!


Are you ready to get started on your customized interactive program?

Here’s what we need to know to get started:

  • Due Date
  • Brief Summary of program
  • Purpose of program (i.e. training, visual simulation, identify scheduling conflicts)
  • Number of vessels will be represented in this program?
  • Build in Contingencies that change later events (i.e. weather events that would change the future schedule)
  • Option for user to scrub through timeline
  • Option for user to speed or slow animation
  • What length of time (days, weeks, months, years) is to be represented?
  • Is there a schedule that the program needs to follow exactly?
  • Will the final product include 3D Animations? If so, how many total animations? What is the average length of each animation? How many vessels to be modeled in 3D?
  • PDF of the field layout is needed to further assess the scope of the project. This information will be kept strictly confidential.
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