C-Ray Media produces stunning multimedia projects, including interactive Flash presentations and Corporate Safety Videos. All multimedia projects can include 3D models and animations to enhance your project. All aspects of multimedia projects are done in-house, so project is cohesive.


Professional Multimedia Flash Presentations in Houston

C-Ray Media produces groundbreaking, interactive Flash presentations that can be used for training, simulating multi-vessel activities in the oilfield and identifying scheduling conflicts. These presentations can include video or 3D animations to show greater detail. We can even build in unknown variables that would modify vessels’ schedules, such as weather events. The possibilities are endless!

Professional Multimedia Corporate Safety Videos in Houston

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals utilizes skills in video editing, post production and art direction collaborating with talented film crews to create stunning pieces for our clients including corporate, marketing, training and safety videos, giving you a high-quality end product to be proud of. We can integrate video elements with eye-catching 3D animations, music and voice over talent to create a complete final presentation that encompasses the best of your products and services. Let C-Ray Media enhance your brand with powerful visual storytelling.

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