C-Ray Media creates high quality 3D models that are custom tailored to meet our clients’ needs. We work closely with our clients to deliver 3D models & animations that are both stunning and technically correct. C-Ray Media has vast experience in the oil & gas industry as well as architectural/interior design industries. We have an extensive 3D library of generic stripped down models that we can use and customize to your needs to help keep your project cost effective. To learn more about the 3D process and how to save money on models and animations download our C-Ray Media 3D Services Guide


We can create & render a modeled environment for display on the web or a presentation all the way up to a large full-sized wall tradeshow graphics. Give all your projects an extra impact by showcasing your design as a photorealistic 3D model. Our 3D modeling department can coordinate with our graphic design, flash programming and website development departments to provide complete projects no matter how extensive the scope.

Our 3D animations bring to life ideas and designs that are either still on the drawing board or would be impossible or cost prohibitive to film in a real world setting. We have extensive experience relating our clients’ ideas into stunning animations that can be used a variety of applications such as tradeshows, presentations or viewing on the web. C-Ray uses the latest state-of-the-art technology available to turn your project from a vision to a reality.


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