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OTC 2015 Recap


    It sure was good seeing everyone at OTC this year.  It was a bit different – the general hustle and bustle was there, but the urgency to do business, that you usually feel, was not.  Folks are resigned to waiting out the downturn.  However, the general concensus seemed to be that we have […]

Innovative Thinking


One of the things I enjoy most in the working environment, is the open encouragement for innovative thinking. We are urged to think “outside the box” at C-Ray Media’s tradeshow storage facility. We encounter tasks and challenges in the storage facility and during set-up of tradeshows that really flexes these muscles. I enjoy the atmosphere […]

Upcoming Energy Tradeshows


C-Ray Media would like to assist with all of your tradeshow needs, including tradeshow graphics, booth rental, brochures, promotional items, 3D modeling and animation, interactive programs and event planning. It’s time to start preparing for the following upcoming tradeshows: 2013 Shows Summer North America Prospect Expo (NAPE) August 14 – 16 | George R. Brown […]

Enhanced Tradeshow Services


The tradeshow side of C-Ray Media has recently gone through a lot of changes — from a new management team to a complete remodel and inventory of the storage facility. We have just set up new procedures to increase the organization and process flow of our shipping and receiving that includes adding standardized rates for […]

Tradeshow Suggestions


Tradeshow Suggestions – Key Questions when Exhibiting at Tradeshows Why are you exhibiting? Who is your target audience? What messages are you trying to communicate? What do you want to bring home with you? Key Objectives to take away from a Tradeshow Increasing share of customer Increasing market share Positioning or repositioning Enhancing your brand […]